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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  October 30, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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watch yacht starter. they chant the name of lackey, a guy who came here in 2010 given a big deal. pitching this october better than i ever has with the boston red sox. ground ball fair. passed fist down the right-field line. descalso watches victorino make a great play to hold descalso to a two out single. >> tim: that's what john farrell to reiterate what you said earlier, that's why he told us before the game that victorino gives him so much flexibility in right field. he's by far the best right fielder he has. and he shows it.
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the premium tonight is four runs driven in also. >> joe: first world series hit for descalso. the batter is mat carpenter. carpenter has two hits. he takes strike one. >> joe: curve ball misses. a ball and a strike. strike two.
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tazawa getting loose just in case. you know john lackey doesn't want to give up the baseball. >> tim: never does. >> joe: ahead on the count to carpenter, 1-2. that's past third and a diving bogaerts. descalso goes to thirdment they're going to hold him there on a double by carpenter. matt carpenter is three out of
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four here in game six. >> tim: good two strike hitting by carpenter. getting it past bogaerts. we don't have a real good shot from this angle. but it looked like the ball really got hung up in the corner there. if it weren't a 6-0 ball game, i think descalso tried to score. but when you're trailing by six in the seventh inning, no chance. got to hold him up. >> now they have a chance to cut the lead in half. second and their. beltran takes strike one. a little more urgency with tazawa and the bull pen. beltran 4 for 4 this postseason with runners in scoring position. two out.
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strike two. one of the quirks is when a ball is in the left field corner, the third base coach almost thooz go to the sign to see it. from the box you can't see down there. holding him up is certainly proper. here's the 0-2. base hit left field. one run scores. carpenter will be held at third. the cardinals are on the board. it's a 6-1 game. beltran knocks home descalso. >> tim: through the deserted third base position. the shift was on. so the shift give edge and take
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edtak taketh away. >> and now runners at the corners and two out. holliday coming up. lackey is going to do his best to try and stay in this game. and he convinced john farrell to leave him in. matt holliday. first and third, two out.
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they keep the ball away. holliday can make the hit. make it to right. one ball, one strike. holliday homers here in game one. he homered two nights ago in game five. 0 for 3 tonight. and 1 for 13 against john lackey. three straight hits.
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hollid holliday. that gets away. send beltran down to second. and it's a 3-1 count on the cardinal left fielder. >> tim: now a single cuts it in half. >> joe: should be the second wild pitch of the night for john lackey. it is. holliday sitting on a pitch on 3-1. fouled straight back. it's a full koupt. holliday had a pitch to hit then. he missed it. found it back.
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>> joe: another one out of play. >> tim: so far, six straight fastballs from lackey to matt holliday. >> joe: holliday four home runs this postseason. came in to tonight a career in ten games .381 hitter in this park. the last hurdle for lackey. and he has walked holliday to load the bases. david ross is going to go out. farrell is going to come out and that's it for lackey.
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five-run game here in the seventh. allen craig coming up. hit .545 during the regular season with runners in the scoring position. third highest average since 1974. allen craig in his career with the bases loaded has hit .424 including the postseason. lackey's night is over. and he gives way to tazawa with a bases loaded in a five-run game. allen craig, two for three tonight. lights up with men on. ball one.
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>> joe: here's the 1-0. ground ball. stopped by napoli. flips for the out. and the cardinals now have left nine. they get only one and trail by five. ladies and gentlemen, this has been a world series to remember in more ways than one. thanks to the support you've shown for our troops all season long. bank of america recently donated $1 million to welcome back veterans and wounded warrior projects to help our service members and veterans succeed here at home. and as a result, the overwhelming gratitude you've
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>> joe: here's shane victorino. the hitting star tonight.
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he's got four of the six rbis for boston. he missed two games with a bad back. breaking ball stays inside. the count 1-1. >> tim: when shane was a senior in high school, he kicked a 48-yard field goal. university of hawaii offered him a scholarship to be the defensive back. after tonight, i think shane made the right decision. >> joe: he's involved in his third world series. he already has a ring. first year with the red sox. brandon workman started the season in aa is getting loose. count has gone to 2-1 for carlos martinez. flyball into left. holiday comes to get it. one out.
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let's look what the red sox have been able to do throughout this postseason. they took care of matt moore and david price at the tampa bay rays in the division series in games one and two. they got ver lander in game three. scherzer in game six. and now here in this world series, they defeated the top starter for the cardinals, adam wainwright two times in games one and five. here's a flyball into right. two out. in this world series, adam wainwright is 0-2 juan e.r.a. of 4.50. he's gone head-to-head with jon lester twice. and lester, tim, is 2-0 in this world series. one earned run. 15 and a third innings pitched. he's 4-1 with an e.r.a. of just over 1.5. >> tim: and being masterful with
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that cutter. stephen drew takes the strike. this is a red sox team that up is here in game six, 6-1. lead this world series prior to this inning as a group hitting only .214. but they have had big hits. different guys who it's mattered the most. he has one of them. break a 1-1 tie in the two-run seventh. here's the flyball into left. a base hit. and stephen drew is 2 for 4 tonight. >> tim: red sox fans in the area were chanting for jose iglesias to play instead of stephen drew.
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iglesias was traded to the detroit tigers. and then stephen drew had to battle xander bogaerts who is a natural shortstop. and, yet, john farrell persisted with the best defensive shortstop he had and drew has rewarded him with two hits tonight, one home run. >> joe: and really good defense throughout the entire postseason. >> tim: yeah. >> joe: one on, two out. ross takes ball one. in the eighth inning, st. louis will have molina, adams and freese. workman getting ready for that. tazawa came on to get allen craig on a groundout with bases loaded.
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>> joe: coming up after the world series, no one covers the off-season like the mlb network with three prime time shows and the only morning show dedicated to baseball. it's on mlb network beginning monday, november 4th. third pitcher of the night. lackey was tremendous. tazawa got the only man he faced with bases loaded in the seventh. and here's brandan workman. a big piece of the bull pen for john farrell this october.
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yadier molina first up. strike one. workman was the losing pitcher in game three in st. louis the game that ended with that obstruction call at third base. red sox won game four. they won game five. they lead game six. here's the 0-1.
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ball one. >> tim: cardinals with six outs and get five runs at least. >> joe: here's the 1-2. 2-2. bull pen for the red sox is quiet. breslow has been up. cardinals proved in the seventh inning in a this game is not over. they stranded nine. 2-2 pitch to molina. into right field. victorino got a good jump. one out. he almost got too good of a jump. >> you're right. almost overran it. the home plate umpire is making
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a friend here at fenway. >> how are you? >> good. >> how long you been coming here? >> 70 years. >> great to see you. >> how sflu. >> pretty good. later on. and there he is. 1953 he's been coming here. we saw the splendid splinter many times. first pitch, a ball to matt adams. cardinals still do not have an rbi from the six through nine spot. they've had their chances here tonight. but that group hasn't had an rbi in this series. there's pedroia. two out.
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here's david freese who struck out his last time 0 for 3. cardinal first baseman without an rbi in this world series. freese, strike one. chopper to third, bogaerts. inning over.


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